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Hansen & Jacob was founded in 2005 by Johan Hansen and Jacob Twetman. Two entrepreneurs who saw a challenge in creating a new style for the well dressed man.

Hansen & Jacob is the informalist’s first choice – a beautiful blend between strict and elegant Scandinavian design combined with the core competence of Italian craftsmanship and tradition. Hansen & Jacob bring stylish clothing with a dandyish bit of colouring that acts as the natural bridge between casual and formal wear – classic in its mind and soul, but with a more contemporary and different approach.

By finding it’s roots in the iconic school of Napolitan tailoring Hansen & Jacob is able to dress the modern sartorial man in quality garments. Dressed to feel personal, confident, relaxed and informal but still stylish and classy.

Hansen & Jacob is a young dynamic company that encourages honesty and unconventional thinking. They have a sincere belief in what they do and the development and perfection of their products is always the core of our business. All the way, from the design table to the retail sales floor, there is a genuine sense of teamwork and devotion to the advancement of Hansen & Jacob clothes. Launched in 2005, the Hansen & Jacob collections are available in selected retailers throughout Europe.